Software as a Service (SaaS)

Billing Software

Our billing software enables you to handle all our basic billing tasks online without having the hassle of using calculators and loads of papers. Our software is an automated system where it provides you a summary of your whole billing status for the month, including, total quotation and invoice value, total pending payment, total payment received and much more. You can choose to include as many as users you want, and you can manage everything anywhere anytime.

Project Management Software

Our project management software allows you manage all your project under one roof. You can add as many projects as you want, and also manage the project tasks, teams, project progress, emails, letters and documents related to the project. Our software can also store all your contact database related to your project. Now you do not have to prepare a progress chart manually, with our project management software you can now export Gantt Chart anytime anywhere you want.

Human Resource Software

Our human resource software reduces the stress arises in a human resource department by easing the workload with an automated system. You will not have employees walking in and out of your cabin with this system. You can now manage everything online, be it recruitment, leave application and approvals, employees attendance management, employees database and much more. Reduce the stack of papers on your table by getting an automated system to work for you.

Customer Relation Management (CRM) Software

Our CRM Software enables your manage all your operational tasks in an automated system. You can add as many users as you can, assign and manage tasks; update project details, store customer databases; track calls, emails, and letters; create, download and upload documents; track employees¬†performance and much more. This whole system does not only ease the workflow and increases productivity but also supports the campaign of “Go Green” worldwide.


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