We're looking for a few good Padawans!

Np8th Corporation are looking for great creative, passionate and dedicated talent to work and join our Ecosystem.

Np8th Corp. is a vibrant, fun and very progress oriented working environment that focus on Digital Media. Our broad Ecosystem, encompass Web Development, Business Directory & Marketplace, Video Production, Digital Magazine, Online TV, Student Portal and many more. By joining us, you will have the opportunity to learn various skills from different job scopes that you can apply to your career growth.

To be a Padawan, one may not need to be a Master Jedi with strong experience, that is a plus point. We, however are more interested in young Padawan that are willing to be a sponge to absorb everything we throw at them. Our Padawans must be always ready to learn, isn't afraid to take on responsibility, able to execute task with limited supervision and and being able to adapt in a constant expanding work environment.

If you are interested to be our Padawan, you may upload your Resume or CV here. We will contact you after you are shortlisted.

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